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Since 2003, Universalfuze has been delivering and installing a wide range of Australia's best automotive electronics upgrades. With support from major brands such as Kenwood, Clarion, Hertz, Parrot, Sony, Cel-Fi, DNA and many many more, we can deliver you the latest vehicle and safety tech with our growing installer network across 5 major Australian cities. 
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All Universalfuze upgrades include a lifetime Australian installation warranty.

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Apple Car Play/Android Auto $1590 Installed

includes reverse camera integration/supply

The Apple Car Play/Android Auto upgrade from Universalfuze includes a high level Kenwood DMX or Sony XAVsized multimedia unit, fully integrated into your dash with a custom fitment kit. All original vehicle features such as steering wheel controls and factory camera are fully active. If your vehicle doesn't already have a reverse camera, this package includes the addition of an aftermarket camera. Best suited to Japanese designed vehicles.

NOTE: Some vehicles such as Ford PX Ranger, Holden VE Commodore and some others may require an advanced fitment kit not included in this price.



Navigation multimedia system $1590 Installed

includes reverse camera integration/supply

The navigation multimedia custom fit upgrade from Universalfuze includes an advanced Android Octacore multimedia unit, specifically integrated into your dash. All original vehicle features such as steering wheel controls and factory camera are fully active. If your vehicle doesn't already have a reverse camera, this package includes the addition of an aftermarket camera. Best suited to European vehicles.


Smartlink touchscreen Navigation DVR system $1090 Installed

The navigation multimedia modern fit upgrade from Universalfuze includes an advanced WIN CE touchscreen multimedia unit, specifically integrated onto your dash. All original vehicle features such as steering wheel controls and factory audio are fully active. The touchscreen unit also includes a forward facing DVR 12 megapixel incident recording camera. This package includes the further addition of an aftermarket reverse camera.

Best suited to vehicles already fitted with Bluetooth but lacking touchscreen capability.



Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Multimedia upgrade $490 Installed

For a sleek and hideaway multimedia upgrade, a Parrot Bluetooth multimedia system integrates seamlessly into your vehicle with a minimum visible impact. it will add high quality and high isolation handsfree calling capability to your factory audio system as well as Bluetooth Audio streaming capabilities. The pack also includes a USB input for audio playback from USB memory. The included remote control is wireless and can be mounted on either the steering wheel or dash depending on user preference.



Premium Audio package $890 Installed

The 2.1 premium audio package from Universalfuze includes a compact 'under seat' or 'behind seat' subwoofer, compact hideaway amplifier and component speaker (4 speaker) front sound stage to raise volume, definition, intensity and quality of your in-vehicle sound system. Either Clarion or Kenwood components are used depending on best fit and performance for your vehicle.


Rear seat entertainment package $840 Installed

Maximise the entertainment factor in the rear seat of your vehicle with either a 13" roofmount entertainment unit or Dual 10" Seat back entertainment. For dual passengers, the Dual seatback option is more versatile letting you play 2 separate sources at once or the same source together (linked), while being more easily moved to later vehicles as you upgrade. For 3 or more rear seat passengers, the 13" central roofmount system offers a wide viewing angle and large screen display. Both systems included DVD, USB, SD card playback and HDMi input. 2 x Infrared cordless headphones are included with every installation.



Mirror screen reverse safety from $390 Installed

includes reverse camera integration/supply

The integrated mirror screen reverse safety system from Universalfuze includes a replacement mirror for your vehicle with a built-in high contrast screen. Coupled with a reverse camera integrated to the rear of your vehicle, you will have a visual warning system to help you maneuver more safely, exposing objects in your blind spot. For a more detailed safety system, for only $200 extra you can upgrade to the advanced sensor camera, which includes audible 'Beep' warning as objects draw closer to the vehicle when moving backwards as well as the distance to that object represented in meters on your reverse image display.


Caravan/Trailer Camera $690 Installed

The heavy duty caravan/trailer camera system from Universalfuze includes a high impact rated die cast housing camera with LED illuminated night vision and a 120 degree viewing angle. As well as low loss heavy duty cable and weather sealed connections, the kit has heavy duty O-ring sealed connectors mounted to each both the vehicle and Caravan/Trailer. Between them, a heavy duty extendable curly connecting cord know as a 'Woza' cable. Us with an existing screen, add an on dash screen, or integrate to one of the Universalfuze Mirror screen packs or in dash multimedia upgrade packs.


High powered LED light bar $490 Installed

The high powered 70cm Tri-row LED light bar from Universalfuze is above industry standard. It uses cast alloy mounting brackets instead of the more common (and weak) plastic mounts. It has 3 rows of high intensity Phillips LED's with varying beam angle for both wide and spot illumination of the road ahead. Where available, each light installation includes a vehicle specific 'factory' style switch for maximum quality of finish. Note: High intensity discharge lights can sometimes have negative effects on AM radio reception on some vehicles.


Telstra mobile booster $1290 Installed

Extend your access to the Telstra mobile network far and wide with a high power 70dB signal booster from Universalfuze. Installed into your vehicle, the Cel-Fi booster includes a Blackhawk external antenna, internal antenna and network boosting amplifier module. Your range of access to the mobile network will be massively increased with greater access to faster data speeds in all fringe areas of reception.


5W UHF CB Radio + Antenna $690 Installed

The 5 Watt Oricom UHF radio system includes a high quality spring base 6.5dB antenna. It is one of the most advanced UHF radios available with top end features like Dual channel receive, 3 second fast scan, IP54 splash and dust resistance, 96 colour customisable screen, Die cast alloy housing, Auto power off timer and a 5 year warranty. Did we mention they are an Australian owned company? 

Note: Some vehicles may require an antenna mounting bracket at additional cost.



Front OR Rear parking sensors $440 Installed


Rear parking assist sensors consist of 4 Ultrasonic sensor heads (Black in colour) mounted into the rear 'bumper' panel of the vehicle or on dedicated mounts for Aluminium tray back work vehicles.

As the vehicle approaches an object, an audible warning beep is heard increasing in frequency as the object grows nearer.

Front parking assist sensors consist of two Ultrasonic wide angle sensor heads (Black in colour) mounted in the front 'Bumper' panel of the vehicle and are automatically activated between 0 and 20klm/h on compatible vehicles with OBD port integration. Where this compatibility is not available, a manual switch will toggle the sensors on and off.

For colour matching, we recommend seeing a paint specialist after installation.